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Summer Roads Flower Co. is located in the "Land Between" in Peterborough/Nogojiwanong County, Ontario, Canada.  We are nestled in a landscape of lakes, rivers, wetlands, forests, and farms, that is the traditional territory of the Mississauga Anishinaabeg of the Curve Lake First Nation .  This location defines the climate, weather, and soil types in which we grow our flowers.  We are the stewards of 10 acres of land that include an amazing diversity of growing niches such as pasture, gardens, wetlands, forest, and a large spring-fed pond.  Each growing niche provides opportunities and constraints for growing flowers and decorative greenery.


Our farm includes animals.  We have two retired horses (Pebbles and Angel), a small flock of free-range laying hens who provide us with fresh eggs,  four puddle ducks that love the pond, an old chocolate lab (Summer) and two marmelade cats (Percy and Blueberry).   The horses and poultry provide manure which is composted and turned into black gold for our growing beds.  Our days on the farm start and end with caring for our animals.


We respect wild spaces on our farm as sacred.  There is  a place for turtles, fish, frogs, snakes, and wild ducks in and around our pond.   Wild song birds live in our forest, our hedgerows, our wetlands, and the birdhouses we erect for them.  We take care of insects by providing habitat for them to nest, forage, and hunt.  Most of the time these insects help us by providing pollination and pest control, and by providing food for our poultry and wild birds.  We love the inter-relatedness and cycling that happens on a healthy farm.  We are even prepared to live with the coyotes that visit us from time to time.

We are learning to practice a regenerative agriculture that prioritizes maintaining healthy soils through covering the soil surface, avoiding pesticide and chemical fertilizer use, and minimizing tillage.  We plant trees, we think about water, we take action to reduce our carbon footprint.  We hope that this farm will sustain us and others for many years to come. All our Relations.

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